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Hypnotherapy client KQ:

It’s worked wonders. I am calmer, know how to take breaks, enjoy my zen time and can say no to alcohol! Highly Recommend you!


Programme GroupFeedback from some attendees of the latest 8 week group session:

I found it very calming and not having to talk or go on video was a big help to me.

I use the body scan to help when I panic and it really helps to calm me down. GB

Mindfulness Explained

The sessions were very good great understanding of people and getting through the sessions well.

I feel more confident with meditations. JE

Mindfulness Explained

I think it’s helped me to practice mindfulness more often. PJ

Mindfulness Explained

I feel reflective focused and refreshed – more balanced emotionally. SW

Mindfulness Explained

I have really enjoyed this course, its given me time for myself, which I do anyway with exercise but this has given me peace. I’m a mindful person anyway but this course taught me how to be mindful of my own thoughts and feelings and not just mindfulness for others. This course has taught me how to deal with stressful situations which are our of my control.

I feel I have learned to be more mindful of my own feelings, I feel I have tools in place to help with stressful situations. SE

Mindfulness Explained

I particularly appreciated the regularity and system structure of the email reminders and follow ups. I enjoyed your pace and tone and the lightness in which you deliver. 

I feel lighter in mood. RS

Mindfulness Explained

Incorporating mindfulness as a tool in your everyday life is a very simple way of introducing both calmness and a sense of control into your life. It teaches you that YOU decide how you will feel and more importantly how you will respond to the events around you that you cannot control.

I feel more positive at this time of year than I have for a long time and that is in spite of COVID. I feel content and peaceful with ‘something’ to turn to or think on. BLS

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Feedback from Individual sessions

“Having completed Helens mindfulness course over a six week period I can highly recommend her. Helen has a very gentle relaxed manner in the way she guides you. Her wisdom in this area is fantastic. Thanks to Helen I am back on track with my mindfulness and really miss our sessions.”  R (August 2020)

Mindfulness Explained

Interviews with Claire Agutter of Scopism for the ITSM Crowd 

In this interview, our Mindfulness Teacher, Helen, talks to Siobhan Riordan from The Silver Tent, about her experiences with Mindfulness.

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