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Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment.

The Aware Mind is devoted to mental health and wellbeing through mindfulness practices for individuals, groups or organisations, supporting:

  • Mental wellbeing, anxiety and depression for individuals or groups.
  • Corporate wellbeing and mental health strategies for stress management.
  • Introducing mindfulness into your daily life to gain health benefits.
  • Providing coping strategies for the stress of being a parent or carer.
  • Supporting the bereaved following experiences of loss and miscarriage.

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Introducing Helen Morris (Dip. Counselling & Psychology / Mindfulness Teacher)

Mindfulness ExplainedMindfulness practitioner, mentor and coach, based in France, delivering remote one-to-one (1-2-1) or group sessions.


“After working in IT for over 30 years, I realised my true calling was in helping others deal with emotional concerns, not computers, so I launched the Aware Mind.” Helen

The Aware Mind - Mindfulness MBSR / MBCT / MindfulnessNow