Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy
Special interest in Addiction and Recovery, managing and supporting a sustainable addiction free life.
Supporting people through symptoms of menopause, anxiety, negativity (self esteem), pain management, IBS, phobias, negative behaviours – smoking, anger management and so much more …
Depending on you and your reasons for seeking hypnotherapy, you may need just one session to bring about positive change, or a number of sessions. I’ll also be teaching you self-hypnosis techniques to continue your treatment long after sessions are over.

Top applications for Hypnosis:

  1. Behaviour change – Stopping smoking or drinking, changing your eating habits, any unwanted habituated behaviours can be addressed with hypnosis. Hypnotherapy can support existing coaching programmes to reinforce behavioural change.
  2. Relieve IBS symptoms / Pain management – Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of reducing the negative effects of IBS so much so that it’s now recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Hypnosis has been proven as an effect pain management technique in many different circumstances from dentistry to surgical recovery.
  3. Anxiety and depression – Hypnotherapy is a potent way of reframing the negative thought patterns that keep us stuck where we don’t want to be and move us towards positive, empowering and life-affirming thoughts and behaviours. This includes overcoming fears and phobias.
  4. Stress relief – It is a very effective way to enhance your health and well-being, leaving you feeling calmer, more positive and very refreshed. Boost your positivity by reprogramming your mind to achieve success in your life whether in your finances, love life, creativity, motivation, improve your confidence and self-esteem or to see and


How Does This Work?

Book a call to discuss your needs using the free initial consultation button.
We chat, establish your requirements, arrange our first meeting and payment schedule.
First meeting, 30 minutes, is a FREE consultation to discuss your health and identify the best approach to support you.
Second meeting, 50 minutes, is your first therapy session charged at £80 per session.
Further sessions will be agreed as required.

Not ready for the commitment of individual hypnotherapy sessions?

Try a group hypnotherapy session, experience the benefits of hypnotherapy by trying it out.  Monthly session on the first Friday of the month. Click below for more information.

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