Helen Morris

After many years in the IT industry, working in support and management, a change of location and lifestyle pushed Helen to realise her desire to be someone who helps others in their emotional troubles.

Helen is a qualified Hypnotherapist, combining hypno-psychotherapy with mindfulness techniques.

Helen came to mindfulness as part of her own coping strategies for managing her mental wellbeing and health, after a long journey with depression and anxiety which began with depression after the death of her mother in her early teens.

Mindfulness Explained

Many years as a manager in busy, stressful IT departments has given Helen experience in coaching and mentoring staff with stress related mental illness on their return to the workplace. This encouraged Helen to explore ways to support her staff and herself through stress related illness, utilising mindfulness techniques. Exploring the science behind mindfulness makes convincing arguments for its benefits in the workplace and home life.

To further her expertise in the area of mentoring and coaching for management, mindfulness for groups or individuals and general understanding of the complexity of the human condition, Helen has completed a diploma in Counselling & Psychology, and has qualified as a Mindfulness Now Teacher.

Helen has gained the training and skills to help others with their own issues and is specialising in addiction and recovery, as well as anxiety, depression and bereavement support. She has created the Resilient Manager Toolkit to coach managers to overcome stress, improve resilience and become first-class leaders. Helen has also developed two online self paced courses, ‘Understanding Mindfulness’ for a introduction to the concepts and techniques of mindfulness, and ‘Develop Awareness and Resilience for Teachers™ (DART™) which introduces concepts of mindfulness into the classroom for reinforcing resilience for the teaching professional. Additionally, Helen has recorded a suite of Guided Meditations for those who would like to have access to online meditations from the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction approach. As part of menopause knowledge and awareness, Helen was asked by Bookboon (online workplace publishers) to contribute to their library and portfolio. Helen has authored two ebooks on women’s health in the workplace and why menopuase matters in the workplace.

Mindfulness Explained


Diploma of Mindfulness Based Clinical Hypnotherapy
Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy
Certificate of NLP/Ericksonian Hypnosis
Solution Focussed Counselling
Solution Focussed Hypno-Psychotherapy
Psychology of Addiction and Recovery
Executive Menopause Coach
Diploma of Counselling & Psychology
Certificate of Mindfulness Teaching

Mindfulness Explained

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Mindfulness Explained