Stop the world, I want to get off 

As we face the oncoming winter months with more confusing restrictions and uncertainty, it may be that you feel you would like to stop the world and get off. Mindfulness is a way of slowing down time, to be able to calm the overwhelming feelings that fill our minds.

Mindfulness BenefitsThe constant changes taking place in 2020, uprooting us from our workplaces, sending us into isolation, releasing us and then sending us back again, have impacted us all. People need support during periods of change, and there have been few changes that have been so far reaching across every organisation and social structure as that of the shifting response to this global pandemic. The conversation in society about mental health and wellbeing needs to be followed up and reflected in the workplace with practical actions to promote positive psychological health.

If you or your organisation would benefit from support to ensure that your teams are able to cope with the mental pressures and stresses of COVID-19, consider providing access to a qualified practitioner for stress management from The Aware Mind.


Mindfulness Explained