It’s been all go

It’s been a while, so many things have been happening since I qualified as a Menopause Coach.

Building my engagement with a client base for Menopause Coaching is taking time, but I am happy with the progress I am making, because the people I am reaching are being helped.

I’ve also expanded my Mindfulness Coaching further with Sobriety Sisterhood in support of the Alcohol Awareness Experience.

My book “Unconscious Bias: Women in the Workplace – the hidden impact of mental health and the menopause” has been accepted for publication, by my publishers, Bookboon

But most importantly I have been preparing a new approach to Menopause Coaching. If you would like to know about this new approach, which will be communicated in an ebook, please contact me and sign-up for updates to my progress. Working title is “Familypause”.

One of the things I will be covering in the publication is the relationship between those of us experiencing perimenopause and menopause and the family who have to share the experience with us. If we feel that we have changed and have no control, what on earth does it feel like from the perspective of those trying to live with us?

Coaching needs to include the whole family to be successful, its not enough to talk to the person experiencing the challenges, there is so much support that needs to be provided to the whole family or extended family to enable the experience of menopause to be successfully transitioned.

In this new book I will explore the impacts of the menopause on family and friends, viewing it from the outsiders’ perspective.

If you have experiences you would like to share, perspectives you think are important to cover, please contact me and tell me your story, so that together we may help others on this journey.

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